Benefits Of Potato

Potato is cooling, sweet, hot and dry.
It is exceedingly beneficial to all those who do hard physical labor or have become weak due to excess of physical work, for alcoholics and people having good digestive power.

Potato keeps the blood vessels soft and flexible.
It removes bruise spots. Grind some potato to a paste and apply on the spot.
Apply the paste on burn areas for relief from burning sensation.
To get relief in heartburn drink some potato juice.
Potatoes are not fattening. It the way they are cooked that makes them so.
It benefits a great deal in Beri Beri and Scurvy diseases. Drink potato juice 1 tsp 3 to 4 times daily for benefit.
Potatoes give relief in Gout and Rheumatism also. Eat them for relief.
A paste of raw potatoes relieves pain of gout, joint pains, synovitis, lumbago etc.
It also benefits in removing renal stone. Eat more potatoes.
It reduces blood pressure, removes swelling of the body and benefits in kidney disease.