• Plants: short to medium, semi-erect; stems very branching, weakly pigmented; wings prominent, waved single; nodes very slightly swollen.
    • Leaves: olive green; semi-open; midribs weakly pigmented; petioles weakly to moderately pigmented.
      Terminal leaflets: medium ovate; tip acute; base cordate and slightly asymmetrical.
      Primary leaflets: five pairs; narrowly ovate; tip acute; base cordate and asymmetrical.
      Secondary and tertiary leaflets: numerous.
    • Flowers: large red-violet corolla with white tips, prominent star; orange anthers; flower buds not pigmented; peduncle weakly pigmented; no berry production.
    • Tubers: oval; smooth light yellow skin; few medium deep eyes, predominantly apical; eyebrows slightly prominent; light yellow flesh.
    • Sprouts: spherical; very weak purple colouration and weak pubescence at the base; tip closed with weak purple pigmentation and medium pubescence.